A.X.I.A.L.™ – Retro Pattern

"Cool tshirt... A bunch of people said that to me when I was wearing your design out on Friday night. Its approval rating in the City of Boulder is very good so far."
– Jason Maxwell, friend and supporter

The tee – an objectified artistic medium – serves as an accessible and financially viable form for creative indulgence. First tee design made for the A X(10) Is Always Limiting™ brand. Printed using soft inks on American Apparel 100% Combed Cotton and available in four sizes (S, M, L, & XL). Retro Pattern with black graphic offered on four different color tees: white, new silver, lemon, and lime. The inaugural first run is limited to 48 prints (12 per each tee color). Made in the USA & available for purchase using shop link below.