A proposed line of skateboard design graphics for the A X(10) Is Always Limiting (A.X.I.A.L.™) brand. This 10 deck collection consists of two styles & features a colorful palette of grey (metallic silver / foil), orange, plum(s), and teal hues.

StripeKXCross: Condensed term used to describe the signature criss-cross striping organizational elements. The style is available in two striping pattern schemes, each with two infill coloring variations.

StripeKXCross Script: This letter only board style celebrates the custom mono-weight script lettering designed for the original. 

Digital 3D illustrations were also developed as promotional material. The monochrome backgrounds, composed by extrusions representing the color infills / stripes of each deck, highlight the four board graphics of the StripeKXCross style.